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  • Amaze your friends and delight your family by easily decorating almost any foods.
  • By using this very stylish and simple device that has a variety of interchangeable template attachments similar in design to a spoon but with holes you can easily add a little flair to your food and make any meal a little more entertaining or specialsimply by placing your favourite powdered or finely granulated ingredient - sugar, paprika, curry powder, nutmeg, cinnamon - onto the spoon and sprinklingit on the food.
  • Everyone has been out to a coffee shop or restaurant and presented a meal with some little extra detail - a heart or a smiley face on a cake, cappuccino, and almost any other dish one can imagine. The little detail makes you smile and inspires you to do it at home. When you come to trying it at home, you cannot figure out how it was done - there is no way you can get the detail right, and your cinnamon heart becomes a cinnamon lump.
  • This remarkably simple device will become a must have for any kitchen or person who likes to have a little extra fun when entertaining. It's great for kids too. The device is so simple to use that kids can add a picture to their favourite cupcakes or for the fussy eater mom or dad can put more than just a smile on a mashed potato or a favourite meal.

Magic spoon

  • Brand: Sugarbox
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